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Foreign Teams in Meet Taipei 2019

QueQ, a Thai company, developed a mobile app that solves the line up issue for restaurant clients. You can book your seats in a restaurant within 2km and no need to wait upon your arrival. QueQ established a subsidiary in Taiwan three months ago, currently they have 1.5 million users in Thailand and Malaysia. QueQ shared the reason to expand to Taiwan was due to the characteristics  of the Taiwan market. “Taiwanese people often have to line up when have meals outside,” said Kuo Chun-lin, QueQ Manager, “and we decided that we could solve the problems efficiently for the Taiwanese consumers, so we entered this market.” “There is not yet have an obvious traction since our establishment in Taiwan, however as QueQ can also apply for other services that you have to wait in line other than restaurants so we are confidient to create some traction soon,” he said. QueQ also won a special award at the Global Media Pitch Round 2 on 15 March at Meet Taipei 2019.

To Takujiro Drive Japan visited Taiwan at the recommendation of Japanese accelerator Incad. Drive Japan is a service that connects your local dry-iber so that you can choose different destinations of your choice and travel along the route. Currently, it is only available in two regions: Kyushu and Okinawa, Japan. Mr. Takujiro to see the Taiwan market as a big potential market. “There are a lot of Taiwanese visitors to Japan,” he said, “and we see them all as prospects.” “Based on our experience in car rental services at travel agencies in the past, we learned how travelers travel and launched the service about five months ago,” he said. Currently, Drive Japan is only available in English, so we are considering establishing Chinese services and taiwan offices.

Corteri, who started in the United States but intends to grow the Taiwanese market as the main stage, offers a three-minute video dating service. The dating app, which has been one of the hottest services for some time, has launched a video-based dating app, rather than a chat method. Co-founder Canetti Chen said, “It’s true that the popularity of dating apps has declined globally, but we believe it will revive.” The reason they target the Taiwan ese market is because they see the growth of dating app services in Asia. According to Chen, many young people in Taiwan are using the dating app. Less than two months after its launch, Corteri will soon announce its full-fledged service. Corteri won the first place in the Global Media Pitch Round 1 on The 14th with the highest score.

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