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Meet Taipei 2019 and its Competition Winners

The Neo Star Demo Show is the top picks from 200 startup companies joined the monthly event of Business Next like demo-day or sharing sessions. On 15 November 2019, 30 promising startups in Taiwan do pitching for Neo Star Award. Of these, 10 applied AI technology to healthcare, materials, fintech, and others, symbolizing 2019, when B2B was more than B2C. As a result of the judging based on the evaluations of the judges, I would like to introduce the winning startups below.

Neo Star Award 1st Prize, Infinity Ventures Special Award  – was established by founders from Google and Qualcomm, respectively. It’s an AI startup that uses voice to make digital information resources more accessible. He focuses on improving operations and UX in the hospitality and travel industries. With the company’s customized AI voice assistants and the cloud, hotels can not only improve operational efficiency and services, but also allow them to speak to customers with unique brand voice.

Neo Star Award 2nd Prize, Special Award of the New China Development Innovation Fund (CDIB) –  TMYTEK

MYTEK has been researching and developing the beamforming technology required for 5G (a technology that concentrates radio waves in the desired direction using a number of antenna elements) for four years, and launched the millimeter wave (mmWave) RF system “BBOXTM”. With the development of cutting-edge technologies in the 5G market limited, tMYTEK’s technology can be used to accelerate the development of basic technologies, services, and devices in the 5G field. In September, the company announced a partnership with RF technology test provider ACE (Tsukuba Science and Technology).

Neo Star Award 3rd place, Taiwan Tech Arena Award – ITM (International Confidence Equipment)

IoT device manufacturers and service platforms now need to be decentralized along with data security. ITM (International Confidence Equipment) has developed a blockchain-compatible IC, and has succeeded in registering transactions (transaction records) on the blockchain and turning high-speed retrieval technology into an IC. This technology eliminates the bandwidth (transaction frequency) problem of the public blockchain and makes it easier to put Data from IoT devices on the network. Focused on applying blockchain technology to industries such as medical, transportation, and energy.

Other than Neo Award, organizer hosted several great session like a Global Media Pitch, it is a startup pitching competition in Asia in three sectors at each session, on the first session (AI and Data Intelligence, Mobile Apps, Connected Devices and IoT), the second session (Sixteen teams from the area of FinTech and Media, Martech and Commerce.  AI & Data Intelligence, mobile application, and connecting device & IOT. In Total There are 21 startup participants from all three sectors. Each startup is given 3 minutes to make a presentation in front of six judges from Asian renown tech media.

 “Team8 (France)”, a children’s smartwatch that encourages people to enjoy games and exercise, won the championship, and “QueQ (Thailand)” enabled a virtual line up in commercial facilitiesand restaurants received the SparkLabs Taipei Award.

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