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What to do in Kaohsiung? Here are 5 suggestions!

Photo/ Provided by Kaohsiung City Government Information Bureau

You can enjoy a little relaxing vacation in Kaohsiung! Facebook page Love Kaohsiung has offered a condensed travel guide for travelers in Kaohsiung. Dividing Kaohsiung city into 5 zones, this 2019-version handbook has summarized traffic information and numerous tourist spots and food stalls. Visitors can experience an unforgettable trip in Kaohsiung with this detailed guidebook.

Photo/ Provided by Kaohsiung City Government Information Bureau

1.     Shoushan, Sizihwan and The British Consulate at Takow

The ecological landscape in Shoushan National Nature Park is breathtaking. You can overlook the whole Kaohsiung city from Shoushan Lovers’ Viewing Platform. You can find many cute and lovely animals in the Zoo. You can also receive a nature lecture here as you can see macaques swinging through trees and jumping up and down if you are lucky. Opposite to Cijin Island, Sizihwan is a tourist spot which cannot be missed. It is an unaffected bay which is famous for its natural reefs and sunsets. Furthermore, The British Consulate at Takow which is near to Sizihwan combines the beauty of Western and Chinese architecture, red bricks with vaulted cloisters and bamboo-style water pipes. The colonial style brings strong impacts to visitors.

Photo/ Provided by Kaohsiung City Government Information Bureau

2.     Liuhe Night Market, Shinkuchan and Love River

Liuhe Night Market is a must-go in Kaohsiung. Being just an ordinary street during day time, it will transform into a lively night market at night. When the lights are lit, the busy Liouhe Road which is near to the Main Station will turn into a food paradise. Becoming a new leisure and tourist spot, Shinkuchan is not only a shoppers’ paradise for youngsters but also a place for artistic and leisure activities. These have successfully shaped Shinkuchan into an international tourist night market. Don’t forget to visit the Love River! It is like the mother river of the city and the downstream river bank has been built into a riverside park which is a good place for a walk and a break in the city.

Photo/ Provided by Kaohsiung City Government Information Bureau

3.     Meinong, Qishan and Happy Farmer

Meinong is rich in Hakka culture and its own colors. You can make your own oil-paper umbrella in the Cultural Village, experience local custom in the Hakka Cultural Museum, or have a walk along the Meinong Lake, taking a look at the traditional village life. Qishan is a historical spot which deserves a slow and detailed visit, spending a day roaming Qishan Old Street, visiting Qishan Railway Station, trying all food with Qishan characteristics, these would definitely make your trip a special one. Also, you can also experience the farmers’ life by applying for the one-day farmer rural camp, learning agricultural knowledge from nature classroom and enjoying the slow-pace and healthy rural life.

Photo/ Provided by Kaohsiung City Government Information Bureau

4.     Cijin and Kaohsiung Port Warehouse No2

Tianhou Temple has a long history; Cijin Old Street is a place where we can find a lot of fresh seafood; Cijin Lighthouse is full of historical memories, and you can even ride on a bicycle to enjoy the seaside view and the sunset; Kaohsiung Port Warehouse No2 makes use of the simple and stylish design of a warehouse to develop the one and only one local cultural and creative base in Kaohsiung. Being built near the seaside, it is a place for visits, leisure activities, cultural and creative exhibitions and its alluring view.

Photo/ Provided by Kaohsiung City Government Information Bureau

5.     Siaogangshan Skywalk Park and Weiwu Mimi Village

Siaogangshan Skywall Park is located next to Agongdian Reservoir in Gangshan. You can marvel at the fabulous view of Agongdian Reservoir from the 88-meter long skywalk. If the weather is nice, you can even see Shoushan, Mount Banping, Taimu Mountain, 85 Sky Tower and Taiwan Strait. Moreover, the largest painted mural community in Taiwan is in Kaohsiung. Weiwu Mimi Village is the hottest check-in spot in Kaohsiung. There are more than 30 enormous pieces of painted artworks which are created by artists from all over the world. Tourists can take interesting and colorful photos there, wrapping up their journeys with beautiful shots.  

Photo/ Provided by Kaohsiung City Government Information Bureau

You can follow the condensed travel guide provided by Love Kaohsiung to plan your trip. Using public transportation not only can reduce carbon emissions, but also eliminate worries like a traffic jam or finding a parking place. Have these five suggestions satisfied your desire for travel? If you would like to have some extra details, please visit the following page and discover more updated information about Kaohsiung tourism!

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