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Manhattanhenge in Taipei: Things You Have to Know When Marveling at It

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Being known as one of the must-watch wonders in our lifetime, the indescribable beauty of Manhattanhenge has attracted many photographers to capture its unique charm. You do not have to head to Manhattan for the breath-taking scenery anymore! According to the forecasts of the Central Weather Bureau (CWB), you can check this spectacular view out in Taipei from 29 April to 6 May!

When the sun sets, all the east-west-facing streets in grid-structured Manhattan put on a shining tangerine jacket. The city has been painted with twilight and charming tone. Passers-by are attracted to the different and alluring city’s beauty of the skyscrapers and the hustle and bustle. ‘Manhattanhenge’, first appeared in 2002, is a term suggested by Neil deGrasse Tyson, an astrophysicist at the American Museum of Natural History. He coined the word ‘Manhattan’ with ‘henge’, the root of the name of the famous British monument – Stonehenge. He created this term to refer to the yearly natural phenomenon occurs in Manhattan, New York. However, we can enjoy this spectacle in Taiwan too! According to the CWB predictions, Taipei citizens can experience Manhattanhenge for 5 consecutive days starting from today. If the sky is cloudless, on Zhongxiao East West Road (west of Xinsheng Expressway) and Emei Street (west of Xining South Road) can admire the striking view. At the midpoint of the predicted time span, the sun will reach the center of the streets. The sun will arrive 3 minutes earlier than the previous day to the center of the streets, the elevation angle will be slightly higher than before too. If there is no cloud coverage, ten minutes before and after the forecast time when the sun will be located at the center of the streets are suitable for viewing the fabulous sunset.

According to reports, many photography enthusiasts went to the flyover on Zhongxiao West Road during day time on 29 April to secure a place. However, the thick cloud shortened the Manhattanhenge viewing time to a few minutes only. Nice weather with sunlight and visibility over 30 are more suitable for appreciating Manhattanhenge. Moreover, you can estimate the shooting date according to the Sunrise and Sunset details offered by the CWB. If you do not know how to do the estimation, you can refer to the Manhattanhenge information of different regions provided by the CWB to decide when to go.

Below are the CWB Manhattanhenge forecasts:

Zhongxiao East West Road

29 April 17:59 – 18:19

30 April 17:56 – 18:16

1 May 17:53 – 18:13

2 May 17:50 – 18:10

3 May 17:47 – 18:07

Emei Street

2 May 18:00 – 18:20

3 May 17:58 – 18:18

4 May 17:56 – 18:16

5 May 17:53 – 18:13

6 May 17:50 – 18:10

If you would like to capture the Manhattanhenge moment, the prerequisite is the grid-structured street distribution. Choosing the east-west-facing streets that the sun will be in line with the street, the chance of capturing the captivating scene will be higher. Avoiding taking photos in areas that cannot stay for a long time like the pedestrian walking area as tripod may have to be set up for the shooting, or else you may be expelled. Although evening sunset is relatively mild, the CWB also reminds spectators to wear sunglasses to protect their eyes from long term sun-watching. While capturing the glamorous moment, you should pay attention to sun protection and water supplementation as well. Remember to take all your personal belongings with you and do not leave any rubbish.

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