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Newbies can also create a chatbot within 5 mins! Let easy-to-use SBOT help you to capture your clients’ hearts!

Photo/MemePR Sbot user interface preview (provided by MemePR)

Customer service (CS) is the crucial front line of communication between the company and customers. It is also the key to foster brand loyalty. With the arrival of the era of advanced Internet development, consumers do not expect to communicate with companies through phone calls and emails, social platforms and communication software have replaced and acted as a bridge for communicating. The new communication method selected by consumers and companies shows their preference for high-speed solutions. Zendesk, the U.S. online CS system company, did research about CS. If consumers experience good CS, up to 42% of them will be more interested in the product, while 52% of consumers will stop purchasing if they experience one disappointing interaction.

How to serve customers more efficiently? Let AI gives you the answer!

While technology develops rapidly, AI and relevant applications are becoming more and more popular. At the same time, this leads to the rising demand of intelligent technology in the business sector, especially the rise of chatbot recently. Applying AI to interact with users in the form of text messages to stimulate human dialogue has become a mainstream of marketing. According to the prediction of Beige Market Intelligence, the compound annual growth rate of global chatbot market will grow over 31% from 2018 to 2022. Not only can chatbot save personnel costs, but also help companies transform telephone marketing.

Although there are more choices for a chatbot, a few people pay attention to the time and energy investment when designing a chatbot. It is putting the cart before the horse as more time and energy have been spent for designing scripts and fine-tuning while designing a chatbot is originally expected to reduce time cost.

With our fastest chatbot creating platform, simply five steps can help you win your client’s heart

When chatbot has become an indispensable marketing tool, creating your own chatbot not only can help to reduce labor costs, but also quickly analyze customer information and find the most suitable marketing sweet spot. MemePR from Taiwan has a Sbot team which focuses on developing AI related technological applications. In view of existing chatbot creating platforms are not easy to use, they have invented a ‘fill in the blanks’ format to create a chatbot. With well-designed scripts, all you have to do is to fill in the details accordingly before creating your own chatbot promptly. Then you can put the chatbot on your webpage and social media immediately and serve the customers. Also, Sbot can provide re-marketing service by consolidating and concatenating data like user behavior from different systems. After integration, the company can easily decode the marketing data before applying and adjusting future marketing strategies and operational policy. This can allow the company to complete an effective integration of communicative business on cross-communication platforms and data collection.

The Sbot team stated that Sbot can stand in customers’ shoes so that it can increase customer’s adhesion, improve the service quality and efficiency. Through intelligent Q&A setting, chatbot can chat with customers sincerely, help to cope with customers’ need 24/7 and find the most suitable products for customers. At the same time, by collecting the Q&A data, the aim of optimizing chatbots and achieving more accurate and pragmatic business goals than traditional advertising marketing can be reached. 

Save up to 70% of the cost with Sbot within 5 minutes

Compared to other operators, the precise marketing created by Sbot omnichannel experience not only can strengthen consumer loyalty but also increase conversion rate through interaction. Within 1 month after Sbot launched, there are more than one hundred local and foreign companies created Sbot. From the current user experience, employing Sbot can save cost up to 70%, greatly reduce the time cost companies spend on marketing, allow companies to spend more time and energy on more complicated and valuable work. Sbot is like a carving knife which can clearly engrave the outline of the advertising audience. The emergence of Sbot let more people experience the convenience brought by chatbots, also allow the development of chatbots in Taiwan to grow gradually.

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