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Police Warns of Free Apartment Scams on Social Media

Facebook scams, in which users are asked to like and comment on the posts at the real estate companies’ fake fan pages to win apartments in prime locations in Taipei, is alerted by police.

Victims, including Sinyi Realty, Farglory Group, Tao Zhu Yin Yuan and Ruentex Group, reported the counterfeit to the police and published statements to remind their customers not to be tricked and alerted the scammers stop breaking the law.

Fake fan pages were created on May 16 by misappropriating the companies’ logo to hold prize draw activities to thank the support from the general public. Users are asked to comment their opinions towards the companies and two users are selected to get the prize – an apartment (45 to 45 sq. ft.) in New Taipei City’s prime regions.

Posts gained more than 600 comments within three hours, which shows that many citizens were fooled. However, these pages can easily be identified as spurious accounts due to the few amounts of posts, even though the profile picture and cover are the same as the official fan pages.

Police: Be Careful to Not Reveal Personal Information

Police warn the general public that the social media scams aimed to steal users’ personal information and remind the public not to click on unknown websites and add unidentified accounts.

Mass of people believes that ‘it doesn’t matter’ to click once only, but scammers are able to compare users’ online information and thus treat users’ friends. Hence, the public should check clearly when they received the link of unknown websites. If counterfeit seems appeared, citizens should verify the websites’ authenticity by asking the companies or call anti-fraud hotline 165.

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